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CH Konsultatsioonid Konsultatsioonid offers quality economics software, consultation on it and special solutions. Extensive experience in providing accounting services helps us understand the needs of your enterprise in regards to economics software. We can recommend and offer solutions that suit your enterprise best.

With our help, it is possible to buy and implement the following accounting programs and economics software: Standard Books, Erply Books, Directo, Procountor

To Finnish enterprises, we recommend the economics software Procountor. Procountor is a paperless accounting program that is also easy to implement in the middle of the financial year. With Procountor, you can compose and send sales invoices; check and pay purchase invoices and are able to keep track of the economic situation of the enterprise anywhere any time. In addition, Procountor has prepared connections for sending and receiving electronic invoices and attaching electronic bank channels.

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